The order of the Heroines of the Templar Crusade was founded to commemorate the history and tradition of the women of the Crusades, and the contribution they made to the cause, and to perpetuate and foster the high and noble qualities of unparalleled valor and heroism. It cannot be said that all were men, for it is certain that part of these soldiers in the Second Panin War, were women.

These bands of women were led by Eleanor Guinne, the consort of Louis VII, of France. They put on military insignia and appeared in every demonstration and fought side by side with Knights Templar, among whom were their fathers, husbands and son. These women, when they beheld the Saracens take the Cross of Christ, spit upon it and trample it under their feet, could restrain themselves no longer and rushed into battle, taking the swords of the dead Templars, they fought like demons and saved the day.

History has failed to accord to women, their recognition due them for their part in the Crusade. Hence, this great organization.