In 1914, in the city of Marshall, Missouri, at the 30th Annual Grand Conclave of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar, Eminent Sir Willis G. Mosley, Right Eminent Grand Commander, recommended that an organization of an auxiliary among the ladies of the Knights Templar connection be instituted. This recommendation was approved.

The late Eminent Sir Milton J. Fields, Past Grand Commander, was assigned to look into the history and form the auxiliary.

After finding the history and connections to the Knights Templar, he named them Heroines of the Templar Crusades, as they played a very important part during the Crusade against the infidels.

In 1917 in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, the first Guild of the Heroines of the Templar Crusades was formed by Sir Knight Fields.

Princess Celia Johnson, Princess Captain; Princesses Annie J. Carter, Marie Lewis, L. Page, Lizzie Pryor, Addie Payne, Martha Freland, and Fannie G.W. McDonald were given full authority to organize Guilds.

After forming three Guilds, under the resolution granted, it was necessary that a Grand Guild be formed, not later than December 31, 1918.

The three Guilds met September 25, 1918 to organize a Grand Guild. On that date, they elected and installed the officers. A constitution was adopted with the assistance of several members of the Grand Commandery. Princess Fannie G.W. McDonald was elected Grand Princess Captain. She started out to organize Guilds in other Jurisdictions. In 1918, the following ladies of the District of Columbia – Princesses Marie 1. Smith, Alzada Freeman, Martha Robinson, Nettie Nickols, Florence Gaskins, Mary White, Mary Wilson, Ruth Stockton, Mamie McCall, and Bertha Wall – petitioned Grand Princess Captain McDonald to be set apart as a Guild. In January, 1919, the petition was granted. The date of February 19th was set aside to consecrate the new Guild, but GPC McDonald, being unable to come, wired Sir Chas. D. Freeman to set it up for her. Hence, Emmanuel Guild was set apart. Officers were elected and installed.

GPC McDonald started out setting up Guilds in the following jurisdictions: California, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Kentucky, and the District of Columbia.

On August 25, 1920, GPC McDonald called a meeting of representatives from all Guilds to meet in Cincinnati, Ohio to form the International Grand Guild. The first officers were Fannie McDonald, 1GPC; Sir Albert R. Lee, IGRA; Hattie J. Wells (Chicago, IG Secretary; Alzada Freeman, IGF Cross Bearer; Marie I. Smith, IG First Lieutenant; Floyd Brown, Outside Sentinel.

The following Princesses and Sir Knights have served as International Grand Princess Captains and International Grand Royal Advisors, respectively:

  • Princess Marie Smith and Sir William G. Smith of Washington, D.C.
  • PrincessC. Hampton of Texas and Sir Robert I Carter of Illinois.
  • Princess Rosa Norris of Pennsylvania and Sir William Gipson, D.D. of D.C.
  • Princess Alzada Freeman of C. and Sir Wm. H. Jones of Illinois.
  • Princess Mary Jones of Pennsylvania and Sir V.T. Bristol of Michigan.
  • Princess Henrietta Berry of D.C. and Sir J.D. Norris of Pennsylvania.
  • Princess Lottie Murphy of Illinois and Sir James Marshall of D.C.
  • Princess Florence Gaskins and Sir Isaac Mason of D.C
  • Princess Annie Jones of California and Sir V.A. Bristol of Michigan.
  • Princess Gertrude Harrington and Sir H.T. Willis of D.C
  • Princess Mayme Copeland of Kentucky and Sir Warren Fields of Michigan.

There are 31 Guilds and seven Grand Guilds in the Jurisdiction.

Past International Grand Princess Captain Honors:

  • Princess Mary Wilson (Turner), 1935 – Washington
  • Princess Mattie Alford, 1952 of Chicago – in Indianapolis, Indiana

This history was given to the present International Grand Princess Captain, Mayme L. Copeland, by Sir Chas. P. Freeman just before his death in 1950.