Marie I. Smith Grand Court “Christmas in April” Charity and Community Service Event

“Christmas in April” was an overwhelming success. The Ladies of the Phyllis Wheatley YWCA were so excited that some of them came to the Masonic Temple for the event not knowing we were having it at their location.
PPC Patricia Ireland, Chairperson made this a big success and an enjoyable event for the YWCA Ladies and for Marie I. Smith Grand Court. Much thanks to those that attended and participated from Marie I. Smith Grand Court.
Members of Marie I. Smith Grand Court who participated in this International Grand Court Charity and Community Service Event on Wednesday, April 17, 2017, at 10:00 am were as follows:
PPC Patricia Ireland, Chairperson
PC Gloria J. Jenkins, Co-Chairperson
PGPC Regina Bolden-Woodard
PGPC Mattie J. Ming
Pr. Ivy R. Taylor
Pr. Kathy Jackson
PC Barbara Clark
GPC Edna Harvin Battle
PREGC Carlton Richmond, AGRA
And PPC Ireland’s son, Wayne Ireland, assisted in playing the music for the occasion. My thanks to him.

There were plenty of gifts, enough to give them two gifts each and PPC Ireland had a Grab Bag for the ladies to get another gift once they participated in the Game Show. Refreshments were provided and the Ladies enjoyed themselves immensely. We even had a resident who was a Poet and she presented.
Ms. Cunningham, Program Director, welcomed us and was happy for our Community Service but due to privacy concerns we were unable to take pictures with the ladies but Ms. Cunningham was able to appear in our group picture.

To All who made donations and Gift Bags, I thank you so very, very much. We will look good when the pictures and write up go to the International Grand Court of Cyrene Crusaders on our Community Charity.
Kudos to ALL,

Yours in honor, truth, and courage,
GPC Edna Harvin Battle